The “Personal Service” You May Expect From Your Local Bank.

You may wish to do business with your local bank because of the personal service they provide when handling your bank accounts. It’s only natural to assume that same kind of service with your merchant account. But this is often not true.

Most local banks do not have the payment processing or the technology expertise to support a payments solution. They often outsource their processing to a separate company, so you may not be doing business with your bank. Instead of dealing with the one local representative you have come to trust, you are calling an 800 number just like everyone else.

Here are the benefits of choosing us versus your local bank.

  • Control of Your Merchant Account

    Enables you to have control on moving your money.

    Does not impose a Cross Default Clause and lessens the risk of having your merchant account frozen.

  • Payments Expertise

    We provide a FREE detailed pricing analysis – uncovering the effective rate you are paying for processing and how to improve upon it.

    Most banks outsource.

    The bank ends up being the “middle man” and the business owner ends up paying a higher marked-up price.

  • Technology Expertise

    Supports more than 1,800 technology partners.

    Specializing in payment technology since 1995.

    Most banks outsource.

  • Customer and Technology Support

    FREE 24/7 in-house customer support for all your payment technology needs – includes assistance with applications, statements, chargebacks and more.

    One-stop support – no more bouncing between vendors.

    Reputation for superior support

  • Data Security

    Provides a Breach Guarantee – and you may be eligible to be reimbursed up to $200,000 by OpenEdge for forensic reviews, fines and card re-issuance costs resulting from a card data breach.

    Risk and fraud monitoring – more than $21 million in “saves” since 2006.

    PCI compliance expertise and support.

    Banks may offer the minimum protection to meet PCI requirements.

    With banks there is no guarantee.

  • Next Day Funding

    Primarily adheres to the industry standard of 24-48 hour funding.

    Business owners have small window to employ the funding – must batch early, which doesn’t work for those who open later such as restaurants and bars.

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